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El Alberto, Hidalgo<br />
Mexico<br />
June 2, 2007<br />
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The Eco-Alberto park, in El Alberto, state of Hidalgo, Mexico is run by a community of ñañu Indians. The park is a protected area for camping and swimming. On weekend nights the indians do the "Caminata Nocturna" in which people, a 200 pesos fee - $20, can experience what it is like to cross the Mexican / US border. <br />
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There were about 100 people on the night of June 2 who traveled by the light of the full moon on foot through a muddy and thorny terrain for 4 hours, traveling 8 kilometers while being chassed by the US border patrol. The patrol had police cars with flood-lights, sirens and guns that were occasionally fired. <br />
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At 10PM people, including children, load up on flatbed trucks that take them to the place where they will cross the US border.<br />
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