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Chicago, Illinois<br />
July 23, 1975<br />
USA<br />
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Guitarist Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones performs live at Chicago Stadium during the band's "Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas '75".<br />
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This was the Stones first tour with new guitarist Ronnie Wood, after Mick Taylor left the band. The Stones, with their usual act freshly aided by theatrical stage props  including a giant inflatable phallus (nicknamed 'Tired Grandfather' by the band, since it sometimes malfunctioned) and, at the Chicago shows, an unfolding lotus flower-shaped stage that Charlie Watts had conceived.<br />
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The band was composed of  Mick Jagger - vocals, guitar, harmonica, Keith Richards - guitar, vocals, Bill Wyman - bass guitar, and Charlie Watts - drums, percussion. <br />
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Additional musicians included: Ronnie Wood - guitar, backing vocals, Ian Stewart - piano, Billy Preston - keyboards, vocals and Ollie Brown - percussion.