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New York, New York<br />
September 11, 2010<br />
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Nine year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers.<br />
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Derek Fenton, a NJ Transit employee, who was fired from his job for violating New Jersey Transit's code of ethics for ripped pages from the Qur'an and burning them at the corner of Church Street and Park Place, just a half block from the proposed mosque and a block and a half from Ground Zero on September 11, 2010. It was a protest of the proposed Islamic community center and mosque. "If they can burn American flags, I can burn the Qur'an," he said.<br />
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He also screamed several times, "I'm Mapplethorping the Qur'an!" The man was taken by the New York Police Department after burning several pages. He was escorted away from the protest and released, trailed by a group of reporters.<br />
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The press attributes the man's behavior to Pastor Terry Jones, who earlier this week threatened to hold a Qur'an-burning on Sept. 11. Jones called off the burning.